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Australian troops from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment took part in this year’s Cambrian Patrol, a test of infantry skills in Wales. Teams from Estonia, Switzerland and Finland took part for the first time.

Picture Andrew Chittock/DPL




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The Defence Picture Library was formed in 1984 and is supported by a pool of photographers across the globe. They cover events and exercises as well as deploying to areas of military conflict and humanitarian support. DPL images are used across the spectrum of the media, from academic reports and doctrinal publications to promotional publications and advertising. You can order a print copy of our latest colour brochure highlighting our collection by sending an email to: dpl@defencepictures.com a digital version is available as well.

Bomb disposal experts head for Iraq. The UK has announced that it is to send a team of specialist Counter IED  experts to Northern Iraq. The soldiers, who have significant experience from Afghanistan will train Kurdish forces.

Picture Bruce Gallagher/DPL




Operations against Islamic States. RAF Tornado fighters continue to support the Coalition air campaign against Islamic State in Northern Iraq. To date, the Tornados operating from Cyprus have been involved in more than 100 attacks.

Picture Andrew Chittock/DPL




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In 2003 a Coalition force spearheaded by the United States and the UK invaded Iraq with the aim of deposing Saddam Hussein.

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