Soldier wearing the new Virtus helmet and body armour system, introduced as one of many enhancements to the current equipment issued to front line infantry units. It was issued in late 2016. Picture Jim Gallagher/DPL

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The Defence Picture Library was formed in 1984 and is supported by a pool of photographers across the globe. They cover events and exercises as well as deploying to areas of military conflict and humanitarian support. DPL images are used across the spectrum of the media, from academic reports and doctrinal publications to promotional publications and advertising. You can order a print copy of our latest colour brochure highlighting our collection by sending an email to: a digital version is available as well.

HRH Prince Harry meets Royal Marines during a visit to a new  amphibious assault unit. HRH, an officer with the Household Cavalry Regiment  served on attachment to the Army Air Corps as a helicopter Pilot. Picture Guy Channing/DPL


Operations against Islamic States. RAF Tornado fighters continue to support the Coalition air campaign against Islamic State in Northern Iraq. To date, the Tornados operating from Cyprus have been involved in more than 100 attacks.

Picture Andrew Chittock/DPL




Focus on Afghanistan






The first historical account of Britain's intervention in Afghanistan, from the deployment

in Bagram and Kabul to Kandahar and Helmand. Packed with unseen pictures and

personal accounts. The book also includes a special memorial tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

“A must for anyone who served in Afghanistan”

                                                                  ...Sunday Express



Focus on Iraq



UK and US forces spearheaded the assault into Iraq in 2003. US forces seized Baghdad while the British took Basra in the South  During the invasion US forces wore chemical warfare clothing and weeks after the invasion insurgents started to attack Coalition forces.In Basra the UK mounted road blocks and deployed Warrior APVs on the streets. It was an operation that was to endure for many years.




Focus on Kosovo



UK forces joined a multi-national Nato force which moved into Kosovo in 1999 to prevent ethnic violence between the Serbs and the Kosovans. Britain deployed Challenger Main Battle Tanks in support of an infantry battle group which was spearheaded by the Parachute Regiment and tasked to provide security in Pristina. In the months that followed a policing operation continued to monitor the KLA.

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